Puppetteering Leaders, The Pathways Signpost and Agreement Bingo

Puppetteering Leaders

On Tuesday morning the group spent some time getting to know each other once again with an exercise where they shared a personal memory of a favourite toy from their childhood and why it was important to them. They each wrote the memory on a piece of paper and told another participant the story who then in turn took it to pass it on to another member of the group.

Creating Leadership Puppets
Creating Leadership Puppets

The group then split into smaller teams and shared their leadership stories which they had created in advance of the week. Each of them took some of the elements of their story to create a combined leadership story together which they would then perform with sock puppets they created.

They then came back together with the bigger group and performed their leadership puppet show in the Pathways Theatre. Watch out for the videos of the performances to be shared on this blog soon.

The Pathways Signpost
The Pathways Signpost

The Pathways Signpost

After the morning break the group revisited their expectations, social/group process, how they would like to input, fears and uncertainties, accommodation/food, topics of the programme and learning. This was an extension of the creation of the Pathways Tree which the group previously created and a chance for the newcomers to add their own thoughts to the mix.

The group expects there to be positive energy and lots of smiling, creating a welcoming atmosphere. There will be a mixture of personalities and cultures where they can get to know each other, building on social relationships and forming new ones. There will be personal responsibility and constructive criticism without putting each other down. There will also be Dobble!

They suggested they could bring creativity, productivity and helpful information to the group. They’d offer a different mind, share their experiences and be open to discussion. They also would look after themselves, being clean and well rested – and pull their own weight. The group also wanted to be social and get to know as many people as possible.

The Pathways Signpost
The Pathways Signpost

On the accommodation and food people were pleased that there are vegetarian options, hope that the food is good throughout the week and that the training room is always warm. People were also happy with the awesome surprise on the first night with the meal prepared by Marina. Less potatoes were a priority for everyone.

They went on to share their fears and uncertainties. Some thought there were none with this group but others were worried about high expectations leading to disappointment, and being exhausted and having low energy if they don’t get enough sleep. Others were unsure of what they do to make a difference or hearing too much “blah blah blah” with nothing to learn.

People were keen to learn as much as they can, gaining a better understanding of the subject in more depth than in the first week. They wanted to make sure that the new things being learnt could have an impact on their day to day work, improve their personal skill set, youth work tools and gather feedback on their personal leadership style. It was also recognised that it is important to learn from previous mistakes and to have fun filled activities (including dressing as a pirate).

Under the anything else heading people noted that the final night would be a sad one and that they were keen to follow up on the programme once it had finished and implement their learning. Others acknowled

ged that it would be a super great experience and that more outdoor activities (weather permitting) would be nice as is the opportunity to practice English speaking skills.

Agreement Bingo
Agreement Bingo

Agreement bingo

Finally the group revisited the group agreement which they created last time they met. Buzz gave each participant a bingo card which they filled in with some of the things which they thought should be part of the agreement.

The group circulated with each other and shared some of the things they felt should form the agreement. Buzz read out the things which were included in the original agreement and the participants checked them off on their bingo cards and finally shared anything they had left over.

This formed the new group agreement: It will be a supportive and respectful atmosphere (in all senses: time, each other and the place) where everyone accepts each other and are sincere to themselves. There should be sunlight; creativity, enthusiasm, fun, humour and warmth, with good vibes.

Everyone should listen, advise and support one another, sharing transferrable skills. We should be open and honest, creating an atmosphere of trust, compassion and cooperation; without judgement.

The group will proceed with integrity, curiosity, patience, confidence, determination and courage, and will be space where everyone can participate equally and feel safe to get it wrong. There will be a spirit of teamwork, planning and building strategy in order to achieve our goals

We will try and see each others point of view and be aware of personal hygiene, tiredness and not mixing up the spoons. There will be no drinking in sessions and we won’t take things too seriously.

We’ll take personal responsibility for all of these things.

The Big Covey Quiz
The Big Covey Quiz

The big Covey quiz

To finish the morning the group split into three teams and took part in a special quiz to remind them about Covey and the seven habits which they learnt a little about in the first week. Over the rest of the week and the next one in May they will be learning more about Covey and the habits.


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