Arrivals and the Puzzling Programme

The group have come back together in Orvelte (NL) for the second instalment of the Pathways to Youth Work course. The’ve been joined by a number of new additions, three from the UK and three from the Netherlands – plus a new trainer, Cilia, on the team from the Netherlands; making the group complete.

The Puzzling Programme
The Puzzling Programme

Arrivals and a ‘puzzling programme’

On Monday the group arrived throughout the afternoon and evening and enjoyed a first evening together, reconnecting and learning about the new members.

Buzz gave the group a puzzle task to share the programme of the week with them. Each of the participants were given a numbered sheet which included an element of the programme. They were then seated in a square of chairs (five by five) with one spare and had to rearrange themselves in the same way as in a tile puzzle.

The group tried to complete the puzzle and put the programme into the correct order. They found the puzzle very challenging but noticed that when there was one person giving direction and they stood at the front, able to see the full picture, they made progress.

The Programme Laid Out
The Programme Laid Out

Programme laid out

After the exercise Buzz shared with the group the plan for the week in order, explaining what each part would involve before the group settled in and spent some time reconnecting with each other before the programme starts as a whole.


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