Principles and how they are influenced

Balloon towers
Balloon towers

The group kicked off yesterday morning with an energising exercise in teams. They were split into three teams and asked to create a free standing tower made only from balloons and tape. The teams all created towers of varying standards and one was crowned the winner.

After the first exercise the group came back together to start thinking about principles; what they are, examples and how they can be influenced by other factors.

The participants began by coming up with a list of what they think principles are. They decided that they were things that people believe in, that form a set of personal rules which help to frame our actions. Some of them can be inherited from parents, based socially or be of a cultural or religious nature. They are different for everybody and sometimes they can lead to or be used to solve conflict.

Next they thought about some examples of what principles could be. It could be thinking about other people, using empathy or respect. Deciding to share resources, be loyal or show courage. There are many examples but these are just a small snapshot.

Influences over principles
Influences over principles

Finally they considered things which could influence people’s principles. The group decided to think about respect as the core principle and added different influences in a wheel around it. People including family, friends and colleagues could all influence principles in different ways; the media and politics are also a factor. Principles can also change permanently or temporarily due to different situations or environments.


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