Getting on the path

Pathways to Youthwork
Pathways to Youthwork

Yesterday the participants for Pathways to Youthwork set out on their journey to Sleen (Netherlands) by train, plane and finally bus. Along the way for the UK participants there was much talk of bacon, invisible deer and pigeons. When the UK participants arrived they were greeted by most of the Dutch participants who had already made their journey to the venue. By 11pm everyone had arrived at the venue, Jager, which sits opposite a beautiful church. Trainers Buzz, Sandra and Steve shared with the group basic information about sleeping arrangements and meals.

Twelve participants from the UK and twelve from Netherlands are taking part in the training which is the first of three running over the next twelve months. Myself (Duncan) and Catherine from the UK are along for the ride too in our role as digital reporters and we’ll be blogging and sharing throughout to tell the world and the participants who can’t be here what is happening.

The programme builds on the knowledge and experiences of Breakthrough (NL) and Think Forward (UK) to act as a bridge between being a young peer leader within a youth project setting to becoming a youth worker in the field.

The Venue - Jager
The Venue – Jager

The objectives from the programme are to…

  • Develop youth leadership
  • Realise youth work potential
  • Explore and test youth work recognition
  • Work towards intercultural leadership understanding
  • Build on valuing youth work opportunities

Check back on the blog this evening to follow the group on their path. In the meantime here is a hello from the participants here in the Netherlands…


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